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 Approaching dusk  African lions
 Approaching dusk  African lions
 Approaching dusk  African lions

Approaching dusk - African lions

Artwork Type: Print,Original Piece

Pastel on Pastelmat paper

Framed artwork 

Image size  dimensions 43 X 64 cm

African lions are often on my mind and this Southern Kalahari male impressed me more than most when he raised up from the sand ridge where he and his coalition friend had been sleeping on a very hot day. Stretching, silhouetted against the skyline, his muscular form made a fine picture. Taking his time, he ambled down the sand slope until he met the valley floor whereupon he turned and headed to a small dam not too far away where the hard valley floor still held water. Driving our 4wd quietly we were able to ease into position a couple of minutes before he arrived and sitting quietly, we were blessed, as seemingly caring little about our presence, he settled down for a much-needed drink.

At times like this I am reminded of the words of American philosopher Joseph Campbell when he said 'In the presence of the sublime there are no words!' I have no actual words for this experience but then as an artist I have little use for words anyway. A pastel painting can give us much more information with a whole lot less trouble.

If you would like to help Africa's lions or wildlife in general go to the links page on my website or go direct to the For Love of Wildlife website and learn what you can do. 

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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