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Standing proud  greater kudu
Standing proud  greater kudu
Standing proud  greater kudu

Standing proud - greater kudu

Artwork Type: Original Piece

Pastel on Pastelmat paper

Image size    60 X 76 cm

The African greater kudu is to my mind the most splendid of all the antelope species in Africa. Various sources (according to doctor google) say there are from 70-91 different species on the continent but I am playing safe by taking the word of Kruger National Park management in settling on 72. Of all of these, the male greater kudu seems to exist in a kind of proud mystique and graceful poise which pervades all that he does.

Weighing up to 315 kg and standing 1.5 metres at the shoulder, kudu bulls are crowned with an awesome armament of needle-sharp spiral horns which can reach 1.8 metres in length. Usually, a peace-loving and reclusive creature, the male greater kudu can sometimes form bonds with other males, only returning to the herd at mating time. At other times the males are not territorial and peacefully settle questions of dominance by displaying to one another. Rarely...if the males are evenly matched, a real fight can break out and the result can often be the death of one combatant and even both when horns become inextricably locked together. I have witnessed at close quarters, one of these deadly battles which ended only when one combatant ran away but not before it has received a real battering on the horns of its opponent. The sounds of that epic battle will stay with my forever as one of nature's most awesome displays of power.

This recent portrait shows a mature bull standing quietly in the scrub and eyeing me curiously, with no fear at all.

If you wish to make a real and positive difference for African wildlife I would suggest you follow the link below to and know that you are doing something positive for the magnificent creatures with whom we share this beautiful blue planet.

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