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One our fur people  Kangaroo Island kangaroo
One our fur people  Kangaroo Island kangaroo
One our fur people  Kangaroo Island kangaroo

One of our fur people - Kangaroo Island kangaroo

Artwork Type: Original Piece

Kangaroo Island - South Australia

 Pastel on Pastelmat paper 

Image size      40 X 36 cm.      

The Kangaroo Island kangaroo is a species which has adapted to island life in isolation from the mainland for over 10,000 years. It is shorter and mare compact than mainland species but to my mind much more beautiful. Since they have no large predators such as dingoes and foxes, they are extremely docile and friendly. In fact, when European sailors first visited the island they remarked that the roos were so trusting a person could walk right up to them and bop them on the head without any problem. Happily, the KI roos are not that trusting anymore and are much more careful around people who, these days, tend not to bop them on the head.

This absolutely gorgeous female watched without any alarm as we approached her on our friends KI biological research property. She showed no fear at all as our friends, who live off grid and surrounded by undisturbed nature, treat all wildlife with total respect. Their off-grid research facility is often surrounded by friendly macropods just hanging out and keeping company.

We have purchased a 100-acre Heritage Listed wildlife conservation property in KI and it will ultimately become my study base with all of the brilliant and rare KI wildlife occurring there.

In the meantime, I visit when I can and just love to share the joy, I feel at protecting such wonderous creatures. I hope you enjoy this pastel painting as I think the gentle and soft nature of her shows through. If you would like to help with the conservation of South Australian species including those on Kangaroo Island check out this website                              


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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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