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Rare Beauty - Australian sealions
Rare Beauty - Australian sealions

Rare Beauty - Australian sealions

Artwork Type: Original Piece


Pastel on Supertooth paper  

Framed artwork 

 Image size 64W X 55H cm 
Sometimes I wonder why certain things happen and why others do not. Nature is a constant puzzle being always in a state of flux but when we factor in the effect, we humans can have on our surroundings, I am stung by the apparent lack of awareness and the absence of concern shown by many people. When it comes to this delicate biosphere, we all call home.... all species inextricably intertwined and interdependent, the collective silence is puzzling.

Australian sealions are to my mind the most beautiful and lovable of all the seal species on the planet. They are truly friendly, intelligent and harmless creatures. Yet their numbers continue to decline. And apart from a very few dedicated scientists, nothing much is really being done to understand the complex impacts we humans have on their aquatic habitat. As a result, they are not only the most beautiful.... they are also (maybe less than 7,000 for the whole of Australia) the rarest sealion on the planet. I have been working in the field with wild Australian sealions for 40 years now in an effort to raise awareness of this looming disaster. I simply cannot understand why so few people appear to care.

These three wild, young sealions have gathered around on a convenient rock to inspect the strange creature that I am. They show me nothing but happiness, innocence and playful intent and it thrills me to share some time and space with them. I don’t know if I add any value to their lives but they sure add value to mine and let me know over and over again that being free and in wild nature is where I feel most centred. If you too love these gorgeous beings, you can support them through the Australian Marine Conservation Society. I hope my paintings of Aussie sealions bring awareness and the will to help AMCS's marvellous conservation efforts.

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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