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On lookout andndash Meerkats
On lookout andndash Meerkats
On lookout andndash Meerkats

On lookout – Meerkats

Artwork Type: Print

Charcoal engraving on board    Original SOLD  

27 x 51cm       

Meerkats are probably a favourite critter of many people and I am no exception. These lively little guys live at the Southern end of the Kalahari and I have been fortunate enough to visit and spend time observing them on a couple of occasions. The mums are very protective of their young and in spite of their cuteness can be extremely vicious when the need arises.... whether that is in defence of the tribe or their own place in the tribal hierarchy.

Running around like over-sized mice in the dry summer grass these meerkats were at very real risk of me stepping accidentally on them. They had no real fear of me so I had to take care not to tread on the tiny pups.

This artwork is a charcoal engraving.... a technique which I developed about 20 years ago and am still figuring the limitations and potential of. It does not need to go under glass when framed so all of the fine details are visible. Which such small subjects it seems an ideal technique. I hope you enjoy mum and junior

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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