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A new generation andndash Eastern Grey Kangaroo
A new generation andndash Eastern Grey Kangaroo

A new generation – Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Artwork Type: Print,Original Piece

Pastel on Supertooth paper     

72 X 47 cm. 

This Eastern grey kangaroo joey is one of last year’s young, and still happily follows mum wherever she goes. She is one of the free-ranging and true locals here in the Grampians National Park and her relatives have been here in their present form for around 2.5 million years! I reckon she has every right to lay about like some marsupial overlord in this backyard. We always give the roos the respect of prior occupation when they are at home here.

Although kangaroos have the most energy efficient form of locomotion of any land mammal on earth, they are in fact mostly nocturnal feeders, spending large chunks of any given day resting in the shade. While photographing this girl I talked quietly to her, eventually my voice soothing her enough that she lay down flat in the cool grass and went deeply asleep.

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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