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Siam  African Lion
Siam  African Lion
Siam  African Lion

Siam - African Lion

Artwork Type: Print

Pastel on Supertooth paper     

89 x 65 cm    

Original SOLD

In a world where much wildlife is declining and in many cases vanishing forever, some extraordinary people are giving their lives to the Herculean job of trying to educate people and reverse that frightening downhill slide. Kevin Richardson ('The lion whisperer') is one of those special passionate beings.

This glorious male lion that I met at Kevin's private rescue sanctuary in South Africa last year is one to whom Kevin has given protection and a happy life in comparative freedom.... a freedom to live with his fellow lions and to be safe from exploitation and hunting.

Here at my own studio and gallery in Australia we raise funds through the sale of artworks and public donations which help Kevin continue his good work and you can do the same.

If you would like to visit Kevin and his many trusted animal friends you may make enquiries by visiting his website.

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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