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Monkeying around andndash young Vervet
Monkeying around andndash young Vervet
Monkeying around andndash young Vervet

Monkeying around – young Vervet

Artwork Type: Print

Charcoal Engraving on board     ORIGINAL SOLD  

50 X 76 cm  
Put simply.... there is no creature I know which is naughtier than an African vervet monkey.... naughty but endlessly entertaining!  I have had experiences where the group was play acting in front of me while one very secretive older monkey was silently breaking into the refrigerator behind my back. Talk about strategizing!! They have at times stolen food from my plate and broken into my car.... slipped in to the cabin through an unlocked window. and thoroughly trashed the kitchen.... even had a big male with his massive canine teeth try to bully me out of my breakfast in Kruger. Love 'em or hate 'em vervets are one of my favourite critters and when mum dumps one unceremoniously in a tree while she goes searching for a hand-out, the expression on his little face is simply priceless.

 It is hard at such moments not to project my own emotions into his little head. I reckon I felt the same if I lost my mum in a shopping centre when I was small.


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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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