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Really learning andndash Giant Panda
Really learning andndash Giant Panda
Really learning andndash Giant Panda

Really learning – Giant Panda

Artwork Type: Print

Charcoal engraving on Board    

36 x 58 cm. 

On my first trip to Western China, I had decided to visit the major giant panda breeding centre at Wolong where I would have the chance to spend several days sketching and photographing the pandas in all life stages and at close quarters.

The big surprise came after I had been there a couple of days. The manager of the centre mentioned that he was aware of the work I do with various conservation groups and he wanted Wolong to help me with that work. At this point he suggested we take one of the pandas from the breeding centre and go out into the forested mountains where I would have the chance to climb trees with the panda and really learn at close quarters.

I nearly passed out from shock and when I queried his offer he said "When you meet panda.... you want to learn about panda. When you really learn about panda you love panda. When you love panda, you preserve panda!" I could not fault his logic...and besides.... who doesn't want to climb trees with a giant panda? So, 30 minutes later we popped Wei Wei, a 15-month-old male into his travelling crate and off we went into the mountains.

Three hours later, a slightly bemused but deliriously happy Steve and a slightly miffed Wei Wei (who hadn't yet finished his exploring) returned to the breeding centre. It was 'official'!  I now had a new favourite creature.... the giant panda!!

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