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The matriarch comes andndash African Elephants
The matriarch comes andndash African Elephants

The matriarch comes – African Elephants

Artwork Type: Print

Pastel on Supertooth paper

78 x 50cm

Original SOLD

African elephants form matriarchal herds and the senior female carries the knowledge of country and the wisdom of survival which is taught to all of the herd. She teaches what to avoid, where to find food and also how to handle the males who occasionally join with the herd for mating. That teaching is then passed down through the generations and when combined with the elephant’s incredible brain power allows them best to survive in an often-unforgiving land.

This herd passed close to my vehicle upon emerging from a wetland where I have watched them cavorting and splashing water around like a bunch of schoolkids on holiday. The Huge matriarch blocked the track for quite some time so I could not move my vehicle, carefully herding the rest of the family away to safety in the bush. Once the little ones were safe, she stepped quietly aside and virtually waved me through with her relaxed trunk. I gave her a quiet little thankyou and went on my way just a little bit more humble.

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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