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Fire from the mountain - red panda

Fire from the mountain - red panda

Artwork Type: Print,Original Piece

Pastel on pastelmat paper 52 X 33 cm     

   One of my most favourite critters is the red panda which features in my very recent pastel painting. I am fortunate to have observed a wild one in the mountains of Western China as it was drinking from a winter creek rushing and cascading down the precipitously steep terrain. When this little fellow finally scented me standing silent on the other side of the stream he turned on his heels and ran like a red-hot rocket straight up the mountain side and vanished into the bamboo.... leaving only an after image of fiery red burned onto my retina. In that context it makes perfect sense that the common name for red pandas in China is 'fire fox'.

Red pandas are generally considered to be gentle bamboo eaters and that is mostly true. Males however do sometimes fight viciously and can become one whirling, snarling, spitting, fur ball if the need arises. In such fights they can even tear each other's ears clean off.... belying their reputation as cuddly.

To test for scent red pandas, use the underside of their tongue which probably accounts for all of the 'cheeky' red pandas I have observed looking at me over the years.

To help declining red pandas and other of our fellow creatures go check out Nature Needs More website to see where you can add your voice.

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