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Out of the shadows andndash Southern White Rhinos
Out of the shadows andndash Southern White Rhinos

Out of the shadows – Southern White Rhinos

Artwork Type: Print

Charcoal engraving on board    

120 x 90cm     

Original SOLD

Rhinos once roamed many places throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa and were known to early Europeans who depicted them in cave paintings. At the beginning of the 20th century, 500,000 rhinos roamed Africa and Asia. By 1970, rhino numbers had dropped to 70,000, and today, around 27,000 rhinos remain in the wild in total. Many sub species are either extinct or critically endangered. Very few rhinos survive outside of national parks and reserves due to persistent poaching for the Asian criminal market and also because of habitat loss over many decades.

By showing these gorgeous and inoffensive creatures as the beautiful gentle beings they truly are I hope to change the minds of those who may wish them harm and educate others to recognise the role these wonderful animals play in maintaining healthy, balanced ecosystems.

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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