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 Evolutionary limbs giant panda  andlsquoWei  Weiandrsquo  Wolong China

Evolutionary limbs giant panda ‘Wei Wei’ Wolong China

Artwork Type: Original Piece

Pastel on Supertooth paper   41 X 33 cm

Spending time climbing trees with this 15 month old giant panda was without doubt the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced in nature at that time..... and continues even 15 years later to prompt me into speechless wonder that I was ever given this amazing and treasured learning opportunity.

The name of this gorgeous little guy is Weiwei, which if my research is to be relied upon is an ancient name in China and means 'A celestial or heavenly being'. Someone else told me it can mean 'small and always smiling' which seems to sum him up beautifully.

When I was offered this experience, the Wolong panda centre manager told me "When you are interested in panda you learn about panda. When you learn, you love panda..... and when you love panda, you protect panda!!" He said the best way for me to learn was to go into the wild and climb trees with a panda!! I couldn't argue with his flawless logic and only wished the wildlife authorities in my own country were as enlightened. I had spent a couple of days sketching, photographing and observing the pandas at the Wolong centre. I had learned much in the process but after spending 3 hours personally with Weiwei, clambering about in the trees and bamboo of the wild mountains surrounding the Wolong centre, I knew and more importantly, understood a great deal more about how valuable and magnificent giant pandas truly are. I have put off making this pastel artwork for years because I didn't think I had the technique to show his true nature but now that I have at last met the challenge, I think Weiwei's real self-shines through.

It is my fervent hope this artwork (and others I have done of pandas) engenders something of the love I feel for them in all who see the artwork ..... and that this in turn may lead to others supporting conservation efforts to protect them in their natural habitat ..... and just maybe to realise as I do that other animals are people too.... they just wear different clothes!

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