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In ripples of gold Grey Teal
In ripples of gold Grey Teal
In ripples of gold Grey Teal

In ripples of gold Grey Teal

Artwork Type: Print

Pastel on Colourfix paper SOLD

27 x 57cm

One of the very common water birds that occur on the lake below my studio are the grey teal. Described in most books as a 'dull' or 'plain' bird I find them to be the opposite. Engaging, active and charming little ducks with the pleasing habit when feeding of upending their nether regions to the sky and paddling frantically with their feet as they move along dredging up water invertebrates from the bottom of the lake. They also consume a lot of plant material and together with insects have a broad range in their diet depending on the seasonal flux of life forms.

They also have a high-pitched whistle which they include with rapid clucking and I always think the whistle is a very happy sound.... at least it makes me smile whenever I hear it and know that the teal are back again.

If I set up my portable photography hide by the water's edge as I sometimes do, I can sit unseen as the teal dabble back and forth in front of me.  And as the sun dips below the mountains behind me with the approach of evening you can see the teal sailing along through the late light ripples reflected back of the surrounding mountain peaks. At times such as these I bless my soul for having the courage to follow my dream as a wildlife and conservation artist. This is my life every single day at home and it's often difficult to get any actual artwork done with my nose glued to the studio window overlooking the lake.

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“My art is of nature,
 for nature

Steve Morvell


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