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Queen of the skies andndash wedgetailed eagle
Queen of the skies andndash wedgetailed eagle
Queen of the skies andndash wedgetailed eagle

Queen of the skies – wedgetailed eagle

Artwork Type: Print,Original Piece

Pastel on Pastelmat paper   (fully framed)

 Image size dimensions 31 X 40cm   


Australia's wedgetailed eagle is not the world's biggest but the female does have a wingspan which is up to 7ft 4 inches (thanks to Nick Mooney and all the others who helped get the information accurate). She is quite capable of pulling down female kangaroos and of course their joeys are easy prey. Wedgetail adults bond for life and often hunt in tandem on larger prey.

Once hunted mercilessly by farmers they are now protected and frequently seen as useful partners in agriculture since they remove pests like cats, foxes and rabbits.

This particular female lived in the care of raptor legend and brilliant artist Martin Scuffins who is a close friend and who has a high profile as a raptor educator in the wider community. Her name was Brega and it was my great honour to meet her on several occasions.

In this pastel painting I have aimed at evoking the magical and powerful presence of Brega along with her sublime beauty. If you would like to find out more about Martin and the magic work he does you can find him through the links on my website or go direct to

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Steve Morvell


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