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Crimson rosella  Sweet treats
Crimson rosella  Sweet treats
Crimson rosella  Sweet treats

Crimson rosella - Sweet treats

Artwork Type: Original Piece

 Halls gap - Victoria

Pastel on Pastelmat paper

  Image size      25 X37 cm.

Australia's crimson rosella is one of the most delightful and beautiful birds. They are often approachable and friendly with a very curious nature. This particular bird has decided the japonica flowers in our garden and very much to his taste and sits happily munching while I watch quietly from nearby. The adult males and females are almost identical in colour with birds 2 years and under wearing a duller splotchy olive and green plumage. No doubt the subdued colour helps in hiding them from potential predators as like so many young creatures the juveniles are often quite silly and get themselves into terrible predicaments.

Crimsons will eat just about anything from petals and flower buds to fruits, nuts, berries and seeds of all sorts. This sometimes leads them into conflict with gardeners and farmers but in our garden, we pretty much let them eat whatever takes their fancy (except for my tomatoes and pears which I keep netted). Rosies nest in tree hollows at just about any height and thus possums frequently eat their eggs although the general character of these birds seem to be one of not being too fussed about anything much that happens around where they decide to live.

This soft pastel painting was quite difficult to create but I am very happy with the end result which accurately depicts the friendly, outgoing character of crimson rosellas.

If you would like to help Australian bird conservation please visit the Birds Australia website at


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