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Going Wild On Safari

African Safari Field Research Trip. Steve is back in the studio after his mind boggling South African safari late last year and is now head down and bum up bringing the whole awesome wildlife experience to life on the easel.

Steve had been planning this trip for many years and spent three solid weeks actually living out in bush camps observing, sketching and photographing the magnificent African wildlife.

Steve (as those who know him can testify) works very much with the intimate field experience. His latest work shows his interest in African species has always been very strong and the studio artwork resulting from the Africa time is absolutley awesome in its power as befits the presence of magnificent animals such as elephant, leopard, lion, rhino and cheetah.

The occurance of large herds of big wild mammals has proven to be a strong motivation for Steve to attack large works portraying those same herds and the sheer spectacle of numbers.

He is already planning his next research trip to other parts of Africa. 

Morvell artwork for RSPCA calendar 2006

Steve"s Australian sealion painting entitled 'Curiosity' is among 3 of his artworks chosen for the 2006 RSPCA calendar.

The other two pieces are a pastel - drawing of two koalas in the tree tops and another pastel - drawing of a hopping Red kangaroo in red desert country.

Latest news for Steve Morvell is the success of being chosen once again to feature his artwork in the annual RSPCA calendar for 2006.

The annual RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) calendar has been a major fund raising project for the society for many years. Each year these superb quality calendars are totally sold out and most are pre sold to order.

Steve Morvell artwork has featured in the calendar on several occasions in the past and he is once again extremely happy to see three of his paintings taking pride of place in such a wonderful fund raising project. 

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