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King of Savannah.
African lion (2007) Subject: A magnificent African lion male looking over his grassland home Dimensions (centimeters): 37 x 46 Medium: Coloured charcoal engraving, and drawing on board Description: 'King of the Jungle' is how I grew up to think of the African lion. This of course was merely a product of Hollywood hype and all those Tarzan movies I saw. It would have been far more accurate to describe this magnificent creature as Lord of the Savannah! Sadly for the pride male if and when he does achieve dominion over his territory he will like only hold it for 2 to 5 years maximum until he is killed by rival males or driven away to live out his life as a wandering batchelor....hardly an end we would long for in his position! Original Available For Sale: Yes Limited Edition Available: No
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