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Golden monkey
(2007) Subject: A male Chinese Golden monkey Dimensions (centimeters): 40 x 45 Medium: Pastel - drawing on Colourfix paper Description: Relatively little is known of these elusive monkeys. Recent studies have thrown some light on many aspects of their behaviour and ecology, but still more research is required. They are highly social monkeys forming units of 20 30 in winter but often coming together into larger troops of up to 200 in the summer. Several of these groups may in turn combine temporarily to form enormous bands of up to 600. These larger groups are sub-divided into smaller family units comprised of one dominant male and around 4 females with their young. They are mostly arboreal but some feeding may take place on the ground. When threatened the monkeys quickly take refuge in the trees. They feed mainly on pine needles and young firs, but also take bamboo shoots, leaves, buds and fruits. Hunting and habitat loss have brought the species to the brink of extinction. It was once thought that the fur of Rhinopithecus species could prevent rheumatism, and Manchu officials were the only people allowed to wear the pelts. Hunting for the pelts still continues and other parts of the monkeys are used for meat and in traditional medicines. The remaining groups are fragmented into small sub-populations, which are at risk because of genetic bottlenecks and inbreeding. Original Available For Sale: No Limited Edition Available: No
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