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Standing his ground.
African elephant bull' (2006) Subject: A grand African elephant bull stands his ground, tossing up a cloud of dust to emphasise his territorial claim. Dimensions (centimeters): 99 x 67 Medium: Pastel - drawing on acid free pastel - drawing board Description: A fully grown African elephant bull can stand over 12 feet at the shoulder and weigh more than ten tons. He has little to fear in the African bush other than man. Leaving the herd at around 12 years of age the male elephant lives a mostly solitary life or occasionally in the company of another bull. Only joining the matriarchal herd when the females are in oestrus it is then that the bulls may have to fight other bulls for the right to mate. The resultant contests between large males can be earth shaking affairs but are seldom physically dangerous. Most of the contests are settled by vigorous displays and a little shoving. This male is demonstrating by his ear carriage and dust tossing that he is intent on staying put. No mere wildlife artist from Australia is going to cause him to move even one step unless he himself chooses. For price and high quality emailed image contact Steve direct. Original Available For Sale: No Limited Edition Available: No
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