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Soft and Gentle
King cheetah (2007) Subject: A gorgeous King cheetah Dimensions (centimeters): 40 x 45 Medium: Pastel - drawing on Colourfix paper Description: The King cheetah is rarely seen in the wild and until recently scientists were not even certain of its status as a species...some thinking it was a new one. But then De Wildt Cheetah Centre in South Africa bred two King cheetah cubs from entirely normal parents showing conclusively that the King is just a genetic variant of the normal Cheetah. Limited to around 40 individuals known in the wild this individual is one of only two captive animals in the world to which I could be allowed personal access. What a treat it was and the gentle demeanour and soft, lengthy coat left a permanent impression in my mind. Original Available For Sale: Yes Limited Edition Available: No
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