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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel Painting Grass castle - African lion cubs

'Grass castle - African lion cubs'
Pastel on  Supertooth paper
Dimensions  83 X  58 cm
Price $4200

A tribute to all those lion cubs who do not make it to adulthood and to the minority of the strongest
and the luckiest who do.
According to the Lion Alert website ...."There are many reasons for mortality in cubs; first, teething is painful and weakens the cub so that many die during this time. Disease is an important factor in cub mortality, as is abandonment; mothers often get absorbed by some activity and forget for a while that she has cubs. A male taking over a pride may kill cubs under a year. Cubs are predated upon by other carnivores as well as buffalo. Finally, cubs are at the bottom of the food chain; a mother will let her cub starve if she’s hungry and will not slow her pace for a cub older than five – seven months, which once left behind has little chance of survival. As many as 80% of cubs will die before the age of two years!" 

These cubs are on their own.....and yes this painting was inspired by an actual event I witnessed in South Africa. The question for the cubs, 'Will my pride be coming back for me?' is what this painting depicts. It shows the almost ephemeral nature of delicate....and with only a grass castle to hide vulnerable.

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