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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel Painting Burchell’s zebras

‘Zebra dreaming – Burchell’s zebras’ 
 Pastel - drawing on Supertooth  paper   53 x 43 cm.
Price:  $2900

It's finally raining here in the Grampians National Park after a very hot and dry summer. On rainy days my thoughts go all dreamy. I drift in and out of motivation.....and the kangaroos and emus outside the studio window hold more interest for me than doing actual artwork...... Happily for me I completed this zebra painting yesterday before the lethargy-inducing rain started. So at the very least I can sit back here and staring vacantly into the maze of stripes....lose my conscious awareness and dream of my next African adventure. Don't really want another coffee....not hungry...might go for a bicycle ride if the rain lets up......maybe.............

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